Son Of A Butcher Wagyu Beef Mince

Son of a Butcher

Son Of A Butcher Wagyu Fullblood Beef Mince.

Marbling score of 6+. Note that marbling may differ from the photo due to variances between Wagyu cattle.



(R179.95 /kg)


Son Of A Butcher:
Son Of A Butcher has become renowned for being the leading purveyor of the finest grass fed and free range beef, lamb and pork in Cape Town. Son Of A Butcher hand-selects their farmers to ensure only the highest quality and ethically sourced products are used at their butchery. All of their meats are free from hormones and routine antibiotics. Experience an unbeatable taste and eating experience with any Son Of A Butcher product, there are simply a cut above the rest.

Sourced from Woodview Farms:
Farmer, Brian Angus from Woodview farm in the Free State province of South Africa started exploring the opportunities of this unique breed of cattle in the 1990’s. He was on an Angus conference tour in the USA when he first heard of these unique Wagyu cattle.

His fascination with this imperial breed of cattle was born. At this point no other farmer in Africa had any Wagyu genetics and Brian started by importing genetics from the Japanese breeder himself, Shogo Takeda. Being the first Wagyu breeder in South Africa came with its own challenges and trial and error. Today Brian is the leading Wagyu breeder with world class genetics that has been selected and bred into the Woodview herd. Over his many years he has become known South Africa’s “Wagyu godfather”.

Not all Wagyu is created equal and it is Brian’s keen sense of precision cattle breeding that has made Woodview Wagyu genetics world class. Only the best genetics and superior stock has ensured that only top-quality and well marbled Wagyu cattle qualify as Woodview Wagyu.

Weight 500.0 g