Woodstock Gin Co Rooibos Infused – 021 On Victoria

Woodstock Gin Co Rooibos Infused – 021 On Victoria. A refreshingly complex gin where the flavours of juniper, rose geranium and wild rosemary are beautifully complemented by indigenous rooibos and wild honey.

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Woodstock Gin Co:
This is Woodstock Gin. Where stories of grit, passion and hard work are infused into a unique range of remarkable gins to inspire others. To move each individual to do their bit to create a world where they belong. A world shaped by the collective power of stories.

These streets have seen it all. History made, fortunes lost, friends found. Each story, like a brick in the wall, making Woodstock the place it is today. Inspired by this spirit and infused with the grit of her stories, it’s made us into who we are today. Small-batch botanical gins, crafted to a classic recipe with one helluva story to tell. It’s our tribute to hard work, never forgetting where you come from and never backing down. From the place that made us to the place that we make together. Stay True. Pour on. Spirit of the Streets. Distilled for the world.

Ingredients: TBC

Weight 750 g