Usana Pasture Free Range Eggs – Dozen

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12 Usana Pasture Free Range Eggs – large.

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At Usana all of our chickens are pasture-reared, meaning they roam freely throughout our pastures and eat a natural diet consisting of bugs and grass. Every night they roost in our famous egg mobiles where they can safely lay their eggs. On a daily basis the egg mobiles are relocated in an effort to allow the chickens to graze on fresh turf. This is a highly important aspect as chickens are scratchers and in their search for food, they tend to damage the areas they graze in. Moving them daily helps to ensure that they add value to the cattle’s grazing in the form of loosening the soil and natural manure.

Interesting facts of Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs as
opposed to Battery Farmed Eggs:

– 30% less cholesterol
– Double the amount of Vitamin A and E
– Double the amount of Omega 3. (the good kind of fat)
– They contain a quarter of the saturated fats (the bad kind
that battery eggs contain)
– 5 x more Beta Carotene

Weight 700.0 g