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Uber Flavour Berry And Buchu

Uber Flavour

Uber Flavour Berry & Buchu Rooibos Ice Tea. We love this flavour almost as much as we love saying ‘Buchu’. ‘Buchu’. ‘Buchu’. Ok, enough of that. It’s time to enjoy the bright and flavourful blend of nature’s sweet superfruits combined with the natural healing properties of, wait for it, Buchu.

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6x330ml | 1x330ml

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Refreshingly delicious Berry & Buchu flavoured ice tea. Uber Flavour Brews are made from all natural ingredients so just like nature, your Uber brew may vary in taste from time to time, season to season. That’s because Uber Flavour Brew’s subtlety and smoothness comes from real ingredients and not one chemical. Combine the zing of freshly squeezed juices, the mellow smoothness of honey and brewed rooibos tea and you have an alchemy of tastes that’s a little left of centre, a little ‘umami’ and surprisingly natural.

Ingredients: Apple juice (93%), Rooibos Tea (1.5%), Blackcurrant puree (2.5%),Raspberry puree (2.5%), Buchu leaf oil (0.3%), Water

Per 330ml Serving
Total Fat (g): 0.01
Total nitrogen (g): 0.12
Protein (g): 0.7
Ash (minerals) (g): 0.15
Carbohydrates (g): 9
Dietry Fibre (g): 0.0
Energy (kcal): 40
Energy (kj): 169
Sugars (g): 7.9
Sodium (mg): 16

Weight 330.0 g

6x330ml, 1x330ml