Terra Madre Pink Lady Apple Juice – 1L

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Terra Madre Golden Delicious Apple Juice

QUALITY FRUIT IS COLD PRESSED Naturally extracting the juice:
• FROZEN ON PRESS DAY Locking in flavour & freshness
• RAW, UNPASTUERIZED & UNFILTERED Maintaining integrity of nutrients
• NUTRIENT RICH Vitamin C | Antioxidants | Natural polyphenols
• VERSATILE Au naturel | Mixer with gin and other spirits | Adds natural sweetness to smoothies
• OPTIMAL STORAGE Keep frozen | 4 Days shelf-life once defrosted | Juice can be refrozen within the 4 day period for later use




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Terra Madre
Terra Madre is first and foremost all about the “US”, and the “us” in question is the Precoudis family consisting of daughter Nicole, and Mom, Koula and Dad, Chris, and it is also about the community we serve, and about the many families who support our vision of wholesome and fresh produce from the small farmer. It is about a vision greater than us – a mission to genuinely make a difference in society and in peoples’ health, while honouring and respecting Mother Earth – hence our carefully thought out name: Terra Madre.

We feel truly blessed and privileged to be living on the land in this paradisiacal corner of the world, and are grateful for our team that helps us to realise our family’s vision of supplying the healthiest, freshest, purest food and food products to families and individuals in the Greater Cape Town CBD and surrounds.

Ingredients: 100% Terra Madre Pink Lady Apple Juice

Weight 1000.0 g