Schoon Pasteis de Nata


Schoon Pasteis de Nata. A traditional Portuguese custard tart with a delicate salty pastry crust.

Eating, with purpose.



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At the heart of Schoon is a desire to create space for true community. We see ourselves as immensely privileged, because we get to collaborate with incredibly committed local artisans and farmers, using what they’ve produced to create food that we can then share with the people who choose to spend time in our spaces. It’s a very tactile exchange that constantly challenges us to look to the seasons for inspiration as we bake, cook, create and serve.

Our Manufactory:
The plan has always been to eventually bring all our skills into one amazing, centralised space. Manufactory (derived from ‘manual factory’) is a term coined by the great Parisian baker, Lionel Poilâne, when he expanded his small, woodfired oven bakery into a larger artisan production space. Our Schoon Manufactory at The Bird Precinct in Stellenbosch includes a small café, experimental kitchen, bakery and patisserie – the place where where we brainstorm and create. And while we’re still focusing on bread, pastries and café food, it makes us flexible enough to explore new concepts.

Ingredients: Cake flour, Water, Salt, Castor sugar, Water, Lemon zest, Cinnamon stick, Milk, Cake flour, Corn flour, Egg Yolks, Cinnamon powder

Weight 80.0 g