Rootstock Sea Salt Potato Crisps


Who says plain is boring? Sea salt. Nothing else.

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40g | 120g


We live by an undying optimism, choosing to cherish (and chew on) what’s good. We believe South Africans deserve a healthy, environmentally-conscious snack to complement every braai and ball game. That’s why we’ve carefully thought through every step of the process – from root to table. Crafting the ideal crispy snack requires holistic thinking; mindfulness at every stage of the process. It takes a community to pull this off – and that’s the part we love most.

It all starts with the soil and we’ve also come up with a way to empower workers from surrounding farms. Our community-growers’ initiative emerged out of a vision to encourage a sustainable culture in local communities. Rootstock provides farmworkers with sweet potato shoots and the knowledge needed for a bountiful harvest. A local farmer provides land, equipment and water for irrigation. All of this has enabled these farmworkers to grow their own, top-quality sweet potatoes. Come harvest time, we buy the fruit of their labour at market-related prices. The unexpected upshot of this initiative is that the farmworkers now manage their own thriving vegetable garden which feeds and nourishes their families and community. For our beetroot, carrot and potatoes we work with commercial farmers who adhere to Global and EuropGap farming practices.

Ingredients: potato, natural sea salt, pure vegetable.

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40g, 120g