Puglia Fior di Latte Mozzarella Ball


Fior Di Latte is semi-soft, fresh cheese made in the style of Italian mozzarella. This free range cow’s milk cheese is extremely fresh, a little tangy in flavour, elastically textured cheese finds its way mostly on pizzas and other over based dishes because of its superb melting characteristics. The Puglia Fior Di Latte Mozzarella Ball is perfect for a Caprese salad, gourmet sandwich or a quick snack.




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Ingredients: Free Range Cow’s Milk, microbiological rennet, cultures, salt

Get Authentic Italian cheese delivered to your doorstep. Puglia cheese today produces not just the most authentic mozzarella in SA, but does so by hand; as done centuries ago producing cheese such as Burrata (a filled mozzarella ball, oozing with ripped mozzarella soaked in double cream), a customary stretched mozzarella, the knot-shaped Nodini and a more traditional mozzarella ball, the Fior di Latte roughly translated as the “Flower of the milk”. Puglia cheese is made with only the finest ingredients and free range cow’s milk.



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