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Probac Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate – 1L

Pro Bac

Probac Kitchen Cleaner gives you a cutting-edge natural clean for a natural home.

Probac Kitchen Cleaner deep cleans all kitchen surfaces, including stove tops, ovens, cooker hoods, fridge / freezers, microwaves and kitchen implements. Safe to use on food preparation surfaces, cutting boards, natural stone, stainless steel and wood finishes. No rinsing required

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Probac® probiotics actively biodegrades organic dirt in the process of cleaning while also offering the unique benefit of on-going deep cleaning and odour control at a microscopic level. Probac® mimics the natural process of biodegradation, establishing healthy bio-stability in your home or work environment, while cleaning and combating bad germs in a safe and sustainable manner.

True-eco effect™:
Tru-eco effect™ Probac® attains the distinction of being both biodegradable and also actively advancing the biodegradability of targeted dirt and its own chemical element in the process of cleaning.

Why choose Probac?
– Proven performance
– Low oral, dermal & inhalation toxicity
– Low aquatic toxicity
– 100% Plant based ingredients
– 100% Sustainable ingredients
– 100% Readily biodegradable ingredients
– Built in self-biodegrading mechanism
– No indoor pollution
– No volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
– No toxic ingredients
– Good for septic tanks, bio-digesters and greywater systems

Product characteristics/ingredients:
PROBIOTICS: 5.4 x 107
cfu / ml – Blend of multi-strain bacillus spores
SURFACTANT: 15 – 25% Non-ionic Surfactant (Plant based) / 0 – 5% Soap (Plant based)

How to use:
Spray moderately onto all surfaces and wipe or scrub with brush, cloth or sponge if required. No rinsing necessary. For oven cleaning, spray liberally onto slightly warm oven surfaces – agitate lightly with a scouring pad and wipe off residue with a damp cloth.

Correct diluting:
Probac Dish Washing Liquid is an in-use concentrate. Use as is.

Weight 1000.0 g