Naked Leaf Beetroot & Bean Burger Pattiesa

Naked Leaf

Eaten and enjoyed by vegans, banters, celiac’s, and people who are conscious eaters and want to eat less meat.




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Naked Leaf
We started our Naked Leaf range in lockdown, during the Cape Town Restaurant initiative #jobssavelives, because we wanted to offer restaurants a great plant-based vegan patty that was both nutritious and delicious and that was not pretending to be meat. It was also a great opportunity to deliver to families and households when retail was pretty much closed.

We wanted to create a product that made it possible for restaurants in these challenging times to have the opportunity to make a great profit on a vegan burger that is free of soya, milk, eggs and wheat and genetically modified plants, also making sure we had no negative impact on the environment, and that were cheap and easy to prepare.

We choose natural ingredients that are locally sourced, nutritious, fresh and of the highest quality; making our vegan patties both nutritious and delicious.
By lessening our carbon footprint, we can protect our planet’s future.

Ingredients: Beetroot 35%, red kidney beans 32%, water, rusk (gluten-free maize, salt), onion, sunflower oil, stabilizer, salt, garlic, spice.

Nutritional Information:
Per 100g
Energy 474.15g
Protein 3.64g
Carbohydrates 14.38
of which sugars 3.90g
Total fat 5.40g
of which saturated fat 0.50g
Dietary fibre 3.21g
Total sodium 518.17mg

Weight 400.0 g