Meuse Farm Organic Arat Parsley Root

Appearing a bit like a small Parsnip, Parsley Root has long been popular in Europe, where it has boiled and bubbled away in soups and stews for hundreds of years. It has a pungent, earthy taste with a complex flavor and rich texture perfect for hearty cassoulets in combination with sausage or bacon, Beans and other winter root vegetables. These ivory, Carrot-shaped roots are topped with dark green flat leaves that may be used as regular Parsley, although it can be considerably more bitter in taste and tough in texture.

Important info: This product is organic and grown with a lot of love. It may appear different to what you find in the supermarket. The shelf life may also differ, as this product is cultivated and harvested with no chemicals or preservatives. Expect a lot of natural flavour. Wash before use.

Packaging: We are proud to announce that we are the first grocery store in South Africa to offer plastic free packaging for all of our fresh produce. Our produce is packaged in kraft paper and biodegradable cellulose, made from wood-chips.

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Meuse Farm:
Farming is an avenue through which we can practice ecological conservation and regeneration. This means building the physical, biological, and chemical health of our soil through cover cropping, crop rotations, low impact tillage, and basic mineral soil amendments.

We love seeing ladybugs, praying mantises, bees, and wasps do their thing and we do our part in making sure they have a safe environment. By working without synthetic fertilizers, sprays, or pesticides and using techniques that work in conjunction with nature, we aim to improve soil health and ecosystem diversity. As a vocation, farming takes skill, knowledge, dedication, patience, humour, and humility. We believe that the talented people who work with us in our endeavour deserve a fair wage, positive work environment, skills training, and great respect.

We want to have a workplace where our family (furry and non-furry, big and small) can run around, dig in the dirt, splash in puddles, sing in the rain, and discover the world of plants and animals. We want our little girl to know that women can and do farm, drive tractors, build things, lift things, crunch numbers, love science, take charge. We want life to be joyful, full of curiousity and wonder, and engaged.

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