Mastro Dario Bresaola

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Mastro Dario Bresaola. Made with a traditional Italian charcuterie recipe and free range beef.




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Mastro Dario:
Mastro Dario the ‘Salami Maestro’. Nine years ago Dario Soresi and Bruno Battaini started to experiment with the production of traditional Italian cold meats in George. Mastro Dario chose to make the cold meats with minimal Nitrites or other preserving liquids. The cold meats mature for months, in special cold rooms wrapped their own natural yeasts getting slowly that special taste!

The meat used is from a farm in George ‘Van Rensburg Meat’, a high quality closed-circuit farm where the livestock are reared with no hormones and routine antibiotics.
Ingredients: Beef, dextrose, salt, spices, white wine, skim milk powder, sodium nitrate.

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