Lotus Rice Natural Red Rice


Lotus Rice Natural Red Rice – An ancient whole grain with distinct aroma that come from a natural taste of NUTRICHOICE – Red Dragon Rice, is a great source of nutritious values, rich fiber and antioxidants for health.




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Lotus RIce

Blue Ocean is a member of a group of family-owned companies specializing in rice, seafood and timber, in which rice is our core business. Our humble beginnings can be traced to an industrious farmer named Huynh Long who built a small rice mill in the fertile fields of the Mekong Delta Region. In the span of two decades, Blue Ocean has grown into an international company with local expertise and global connections.

Our rich heritage and years of expertise in rice production are present in each step we take to produce the finest grade rice, from seed selection, planting and harvesting, to processing and packaging. We ensure that great care is given to our rice as it travels from our plant to your dining table.

Ingredients: Natural red rice.

Nutritional Information:
Per 100g

Total Fat 2.91g
Saturated Fat 0.65g
Total Carbohydrates 74.2g
Sugar 0.83g
Protein 7.73g
Sodium 3.5g

Weight 1000.0 g