Lori Organic Gluten Free Fusilli


Lori Organic Gluten Free Fusilli ready serve with your favourite pasta sauce.

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Pasta Lori Puglia was born twenty years ago. After a longstanding experience of Loizzo’s family company in the durum wheat milling and a long tradition in cultivation and trading of Apulian durum wheat, cereals and pulses. Today Pasta Lori is exported to over 80 countries in the world and it is chosen everyday by thousands of consumers thanks to its unique taste that they bring on the table. Pasta Lori flavor is the result of the close cooperation with farmers, of the respect of natural cycle and of supply chain agreements in order to always get the best durum wheat and thanks to the competence of our workers and the right selection of our suppliers. Simple rules that have made this company grow.

Why Organic?
Pasta is the main dish of Italian cuisine. It’s a daily food that will always bring to the table. Pasta is a tasty meal, quick to prepare, loved by children and “main character” when chefs all over the world prepare their recipes. Pasta gives your body the right daily amount of carbohydrates and nutritionists recommend this food also in diet, in restrained amount. For these reasons, it is important to prefer 100% “natural” pasta: without chemical additives and produced with organic raw materials.

Ingredients: 70% Italian organic* corn flour, 30% Italian organic* rice flour, water
*All the Pasta di Gragnano P.G.I. is processed with respect for the environment. It is guaranteed by triple certification: Organic agriculture, Protected Geographical Certification and 100% Italian Traceability.

ENERGY (Kcal/Kj) 357/1516
FAT 1.3g
of which: SATURATED 0.4g
of which: SUGAR 0.2g
FIBER 1.4g

Weight 340.0 g