This loaded hummus platter recipe is down-right delicious and packed with protein. With great taste, textures and freshness — it gets its flavour from all the raw ingredients used, which are also really healthy and nutritious. This platter is quick and easy to make and is the perfect light summer snack. It will definitely have you wanting to make it again and get creative by adding your own toppings as well. This recipe serves 4-6.




  1. First, on a roasting tray place the tomatoes. Drizzle 1 teaspoon of olive oil over them and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Then put the tray in a fan oven preheated to 200°C, for about 20 minutes. Roast the tomatoes until they are nice and burst, and are a little charred.
  2. Next, in a blender or food processor, add the tins of chickpeas (one with the brine and one drained), garlic, juice of the lemons, tahini, 2 teaspoons of salt and pepper. Blend the ingredients for at least 5 minutes, until they are combined well, and has a smooth, creamy and fluffy consistency. 
  3. After this, take your blistered roasted tomatoes out of the oven, and set them aside. Then prepare your other ingredients. Take the leaves off the stalks of the herbs (oregano, mint and coriander) and chop them up roughly. Using a peeler, peel the carrots lengthways into thin strips/shavings.
  4. Finally, plate up the dish on a platter, by pouring and spreading a thick layer of the hummus on it. Then place some blistered roasted tomatoes down the centre, add three little piles of the shaved rainbow carrots around the edge, scatter the mixed herbs and lemon zest all around, drizzle 2 teaspoons of olive and sprinkle some salt over the platter.
  5. Serve with broken pieces of the bread and enjoy!


Add a little bit of water if you see that your hummus is getting thick while blending it. You can even add some steamed beetroot, roasted carrots, roasted bell peppers, or sundried tomatoes while blending, for different flavour variations. You can also top your platter with the salted some toasted pumpkin seeds or any dried fruit, seeds or nuts.

That is how to make this loaded hummus platter recipe from the comfort of your home.

Recipe by Kind But Good Food