L.A. Farms Free Range Spicy Lamb Sausage

L.A Farms

A spicy and delicious free range lamb sausage.




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Made by the L.A. Farms Master Butcher, their Free Range Spicy Lamb Sausage is made with Free Range Lamb and generously spiced with a variety of fragrant spices. This adds to the rich and delicious flavour of the sausages.

Ingredients: Free Range Lamb, Pepper, Garlic, Spice Mix Contents (Vegetable Protein, Cereal, Salt, Maize, Salt, Spices & Herbs, MSG, Sodium Sulphite, Spice Extracts)

*Not suitable for people with Wheat, Gluten, Soya Bean, Milk & Eggs Allergy

Weight 350.0 g