L.A. Farms Free Range Lamb Loin Chops

L.A Farms

Sweet and succulent Free Range Lamb Loin Chops.

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Sourced from LA Farms:
In the late 1990’s, our founder AK Peer acquired a piece of farmland on the Cape West Coast between St.Helena Bay and Veldrif. This beautiful piece of land lies on the coast of nine bays with a very rich natural flora and fauna of fynbos and birdlife.

It started as an escape from the city for a weekend away and gradually the farm grew into a working farm, as a few animals were kept and an organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard were laid out. When it was time for a family meal, we started eating our own lamb and beef and sharing it with family and friends. Our simple philosophy was farming in the most natural, sustainable way without chemicals and antibiotics and with the knowing of traceability and the ethical treatment of our animals.

LA Farms lambs are pastured reared and enjoy a grass fed diet. The lambs are free from any hormones or routine anti-biotics. LA Farms lambs cattle are certified and registered with SAMIC.

A South African favourite of succulent Free Range Lamb meat prepared into neat chops. Lamb Loin chops are a versatile cut, perfect for mid-week meals or marinating for a dinner party dish or braai.

Weight 440.0 g