L.A. Farms Angus Beef Burger Patties

Our LA Farms Angus Burger Patties are ground from fresh Angus Beef and hand shaped.

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Sourced from LA Farms:
LA Farms Angus cattle are pastured reared and enjoy a grass fed diet. The cattle are free from any hormones or routine anti-biotics.

Angus Beef:
The origins of Angus, or Aberdeen Angus, goes back to Scotland. We introduced Aberdeen Angus to our farm over 10 years ago and have grown a herd through our stud program. Aberdeen Angus is also known as a very good quality meat. Our marbling content is high for the breed due to our breeding policy. Our carcass grading is consistently an A to B with the result of high-quality steaks, mince, sausage and burger patties. Our marbling is consistent around 1.5 – 2 count out of 11.

Ingredients: Angus Beef, Salt, Pepper, Dijon Mustard

Weight 300 g