Klein River Parmesan

Klein River

Mama Mia! The king of cheese and Klein River Cheese’ newest invention. Using the old-fashioned cream gravity separation method, the less dense fat molecules rise to the top of the milk tank without being stirred. This ensures the milk has a lower fat content for Parmesan and results in a hard, crumbly texture.

In fermenting Parmesan we use the Lactobacillus helveticus subspecies & Streptococus thermophillus for fast acidifcation. A different Lactobacillus helveticus subspecies is added to enhance the overall flavour and intensity of the cheese by accentuating important flavour notes. Parmesan is delicious grated and sprinkled over every dish. And we mean every dish!




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Klein River Cheese Farmstead is a celebration of cheese, picnics and family. We exist to unleash the inner artisan in every one of us. We are not just creating cheese and picnics but inspiring chefs and romantics, nature lovers and healthy, family-centred ambassadors. Our cheese is a vehicle to join the artisan movement. Klein River Cheese Farmstead is not only about our products, it’s our culture.

Ingredients: Pasture reared pasteurised cow’s milk, salt, cultures, rennet

The Klein River 8 promises:

1) Sustainable farming
2) Free range grass fed cows
3) Hormone-free & AB-free milk
4) Family orientated
5) Vegetarian friendly rennet
6) Slow fermented & slow matured
7) No artificial colourants
8) Hand-made, hand-brushed & hand-cut

Pairs well with:
Food: Tomato & Basil Pasta, Slow Cooked Beef & Rocket, Beetroot & Cauliflower Salad
Drinks: Sauvignon Blanc, Nebbiolo, Prosecco

Description: Rich yellow colour, hard with crumbly texture & crunchy small white crystals, strong & full flavoured Italian-style cheese. Made for slicing, cooking and grating.

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