Klein River Leyden

Klein River

Leyden’s history is rather mysterious, no one seems to know how this cheese first came about. One popular theory is that an apprentice cheese-maker was munching on some cumin seeds and accidentally dropped a handful into the cheese vat. In fear of being fired, he didn’t tell the cheese-maker! “Woe betide!” When the cheese was finally tasted, they all loved it!

Leyden is made in a 4-kg loaf-shape and brined for only one day. In place of cumin seeds we use the lesser-known and “herbacious” caraway seeds. The seeds are lightly cooked before we place it in the cheese. This ensures that the dormant flavours in the seeds are unleashed into the body of the Leyden cheese. The culture used in Leyden plays on the cheese texture and never disappoints.




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Klein River Cheese Farmstead is a celebration of cheese, picnics and family. We exist to unleash the inner artisan in every one of us. We are not just creating cheese and picnics but inspiring chefs and romantics, nature lovers and healthy, family-centred ambassadors. Our cheese is a vehicle to join the artisan movement. Klein River Cheese Farmstead is not only about our products, it’s our culture.

Ingredients: Pasture reared pasteurised cow’s milk, caraway seeds (1 %), salt, cultures, rennet

The Klein River 8 promises:

1) Sustainable farming
2) Free range grass fed cows
3) Hormone-free & AB-free milk
4) Family orientated
5) Vegetarian friendly rennet
6) Slow fermented & slow matured
7) No artificial colourants
8) Hand-made, hand-brushed & hand-cut

Pairs well with:
Food: Open Sandwiches & Wraps, Nachos & Burgers
Drinks: Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Lager

Description: Pale ivory colour, semi-hard smooth texture, mild flavoured with soft aromatic caraway seeds

Nutritional Information:
Energy Value 1633 kJ/100g
Fat 31.83 %
Protein 24.03 %
Moisture 40.01 %
Carbohydrates 0.88 %
Ash 3.24 %
Sodium 1.02 %

Weight 200.0 g