Honest Chocolate Slab 70% Buchu And Pineapple

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Honest Chocolate Slab 70% Buchu & Pineapple is a dark, vegan-friendly premium chocolate.




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Honest Chocolate Slab 70% is a dark, vegan-friendly premium chocolate. It’s made from just three ingredients giving it unrivalled purity. The Honest Chocolate Slab 70% is also handcrafted in Cape Town using certified organic, ethically sourced, Tanzanian cacao.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans*,Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar, Dried Pineapple, Organically grown Buchu
*USDA certified organic

Positive chain of production
We produce our chocolate with ‘The Chain of Positivity’ in mind at all times – right through the supply chain. Our goal is to have ethical consideration for people and the environment by sourcing local, organic, and fair.

What handmade means to us
We practise personal accountability in the thoughtful and selective making of our chocolate products, which leads to their fantastic taste.

We’re not afraid of the dark…
We want to showcase the uniqueness and origin of every batch of cacao beans, and not compromise it by over-flavouring or over-sugaring.

Everything tempered by humour
We’re inspired by the change in people’s faces as they taste our chocolate for the first time, and the fun, creativity and collaboration put into everything we produce.

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