Grumpy Snacks Roasted Chickpeas Chocolate

Grumpy Snacks

Grumpy Snacks Roasted Chickpeas Chocolate.

Crunchy dry roasted chickpeas coated in chocolate.




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Grumpy Snacks:
Snacking is a very serious business. Left unattended, “the grump” runs rampant, wreaking havoc wherever it goes. And let’s face it, lunch is to
breakfast what Friday is to Monday: Too far away. Well-timed snacks have saved us all: Picking up the pieces after we’ve eaten our packed lunch at 10AM, and preventing at least 50% of your 5 year old’s meltdowns. But the ready-to-eat healthy alternatives are hard to find. This is why Grumpy Snacks was born and why we’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of dry roasting chickpeas. Dry roasting means that coconut oil is applied after roasting, ensuring it never reaches high temperatures. Small amounts of spices are added thereafter. This little legume packs a nutritional punch and we spent months in our kitchen perfecting the crunch. We’ve used only natural ingredients to create a “real food” snack that is tasty, crunchy and fit for munchies!

INGREDIENTS: chickpeas (60%), dark chocolate (40%), 58% cocoa solids (cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin*, natural vanilla flavouring)
* From soya bean shell – enables cocoa butter and cocoa mass to mix

ALLERGENS: Made in a factory which also uses tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten and soya beans

Serving Size 40g
Energy 454 kcal 182 kcal
Energy 1990 KJ 760 KJ
Protein 14.5g 5.8g
Carbohydrates 56g 22g
of which is total sugar 22.7g 9.1g
Total fat 19.2g 7.7
of which is saturated fat 9.7g 3.9g
Dietary fibre* 10.2g 4.1g
Total sodium 40mg 16mg

Weight 40.0 g