May is the month just before the halfway mark of the New Year where we try and revise all the health goals we promised ourselves we would achieve.  If we can reach our health goals by June, then the rest of the year should seem like a breeze right? Wrong!

May seems to be the month of quick fixes and ‘get rich quick’ schemes to prove to ourselves that we can still do it. Hence the introduction of things like the #meatfreemay movement and #meatlessmondays, to try and bring about awareness of our individual health. More recently, movements called the #meatmay or #allmeatmay movement have evolved. Sounds bizarre right? This movement is also aimed at bringing health awareness; how we can improve our health markers by incorporating more meat into our diets. In other words, to show that complete nutrition and nutrient density can be achieved through carnivorous diets. Just one type of the #meatymay hashtag on any social media platform, should bring up a myriad of results displaying people reaping wonderful health benefits from upping their meat intake.

Sear no evil

Meat has sadly been advertised as the bad guy when it comes to our health and the environment. Slowly we are seeing the denial of this outdated information and meat once again taking the crown as the king of all foods! Environmental companies like The Green Deal released stats earlier this year proving that the agricultural industry contributes as little as 9% of greenhouse gas emissions and not the high amount that had before been illustrated. Learn more here.

Agriculture is the new black

Conclusion? Cow farts aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be! (phew) Their methane emissions are not as deadly an environmental factor as we had once thought- more modern information has since been revised and updated. Ecologists like Allan Savory have even proved that ruminant agriculture can actually reverse the devastating effects of climate change and desertification because their grazing methods improve soil quality. Correct agricultural farming can also remove harmful emissions from the air. Check out his latest Ted Talk to get all the finer details on how meat is not the enemy here

Muscle meat

Ok fair, so meat is not as bad for the environment as we thought but what about for our health? Things like cholesterol, blood pressure. are all indications of proper health and red meat was said to exacerbate these health markers in the wrong direction.

Recent studies are now proving that meat can actually increase the good cholesterol in our bodies and decrease the bad, therefore forming the perfect cholesterol ratio for optimal health. Did you know that meat contains all the complete nutrients and vitamins essential for human health? That includes vitamin C and D too! Packed with iron, protein and healthy fats, meat helps us build necessary muscle to support our body’s physical functions. The nutrient density as well as the fat helps support a healthy brain and digestive system, both of which rely on fat for fuel. Other animals and animal products like seafood, organ meats and eggs contain all the micronutrients necessary for optimal health. The Nutrita app website demonstrates the nutrition profile of various meat and meat byproducts in this easy to read graph. Just a few more reason to buy into the ‘meat may movement.’

Pick your Poussin

Here at Buyfresh, we offer a wide range of meat in a variety of different cuts so that you’re never limited when it comes to variety and quality to ensure maximum health benefits from each piece of meat on our website. Red meats like beef and lamb are said to offer the highest nutrient density but don’t disregard the benefits of a good roast chicken or pork belly for Sunday lunch. Our Usana eggs are pasture free range and packed with the omega fats and micronutrients for healthy cholesterol levels.

Meaty May all day

May is not quite over so you still have the chance to take advantage of the Meaty May movement with our wide range of meat and animal products at Buyfresh. Whatever your taste preference, we are sure to offer the cut that you and your friends and family can enjoy. Stay up to date on our website for some exciting recipes and new products coming your way soon!

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