Working out is difficult. Exercise routines are hard to maintain and even harder to get back into should your rest days turn into rest months.

Believe it or not, throwing heavy weights around or solving the world’s problems while setting a new personal best time on the Cross Trainer is the easy bit. What you put into your body after you have exercised requires greater concentration and planning if you are to fully maximize your body’s potential.

In Cape Town we are seeing a shift towards nuanced options for post-workout meals and a yearning for variety. With this in mind, here are 4 high-protein foods that you should include when planning your post-workout meals.

1. Norwegian Salmon

Norwegian salmon is incredibly high in protein, with 100g containing 22-25 grams per serving. Additionally, it contains those vital Omega-3 Fatty Acids which your body needs to reduce blood pressure and decrease risk factors leading to disease. The Omega-3 Fatty Acids also help reduce inflammation caused by a strenuous workout. Adding salmon to your diet will mean that leg day is no longer something to fear!

Norwegian Salmon
Norwegian Salmon

2. Beef Fillet

Another post-workout meal to consider is beef fillet steak. This is an excellent source of lean-protein and is ideal for muscle building and retention. An added benefit to eating beef after your workout is the natural creatine it contains. Creatine provides muscles with energy and helps improve protein synthesis, thus encouraging muscle gain.

Beef Fillet Steak
Beef Fillet Steak

3. Free Range Chicken

Chicken or beef? Why not both!? However, not all chicken farms are created equal and free range is the only way to go. Free range chicken breasts have become a staple in many homes around the globe. It is ethically sourced, packed with delicious flavour, and a wonderful source of protein and nutrients. Additionally it has been found that free range chicken poses less of a disruption to hormone imbalance than regular chicken. Free range chicken will provide you with the protein your body requires for an adequate recovery and is a lean protein, so you won’t get the large quantities of unhealthy fat found in most other meats.

Chicken Breasts
Free Range Chicken Breasts

4. Biltong

A South African treasure. Normally associated with indoor activities such as watching rugby games, it has been shown that biltong is actually an ideal post-workout snack. Lean free range biltong is low in fat and high in protein. That alone qualifies it for this list! Consider the fact that it can act as an appetite suppressor due to it’s high protein content and you will soon be adding this to the top of your shopping cart! Biltong is also packed with iron, zinc and magnesium, which can replenish the body after a particularly tough training session.

Free Range Biltong Slices
Free Range Biltong Slices – Lean

But what good is listing all these products when you still have to make the time to buy and source them? The good news is that here at Buyfresh HQ we take the hassle out of what is an arduous task by doing the heavy-lifting for you (Disclaimer: this only applies to your products, not your workout).

We supply only the most high quality, protein and nutrient-rich products and deliver them right to your door, meaning you now have the time to squeeze in that extra set at the gym.

We believe whole-heartedly in eating well and living better. Exercise is an important part of that but needs to be complemented by a diet that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle.


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