Frankie Fenner Grass Fed Beef Ribeye Steak On The Bone

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

Ribeye is a popular cut from the lightly worked upper rib area of the animal. Tender, packed with flavour and with good fat coverage. Healthy, yellow. grass-fed fat. Perfect over the fire or pan sear on high to moderate heat. Recommended cooked medium-rare.




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Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants:

FFMM sources our animals from small, independent farmers. We choose them based on what the animal ate and how it was treated. Everything we buy, as a result, is grass-fed and pasture-reared. We buy whole carcasses, allowing us to work with specific cuts and maintain full traceability of the product. All our beef is dry-aged for an absolute minimum of fourteen days but closer to twenty-one days, on average.

Weight 750.0 g