Five Roses Smooth Ceylon Blend Tagless Teabags

National Brands Limited

Smooth, fragrant and beautifully balanced. Our Superior Ceylon Blend is created using only the finest teas from Sri Lanka and Africa; bringing you the world-famous distinctive aroma and taste of Ceylon tea.

In the rolling highlands of Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea fields bask in the gently sunshine tempered by monsoon rains. Once the delicate leaves reach maturity, they are tenderly picked and artfully blended to produce the deep golden colour and sough-after flavour that has made Ceylon tea world-famous.

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Five Roses Smooth Ceylon Blend

For over 100 years, Five Roses has been masterfully blended to produce the distinctively rich, smooth, luxurious taste tea-lovers have come to love and trust.

Only the best hand-picked Ceylon tea leaves are lovingly selected by our Tea Master to ensure every bag of original Five Roses delivers the outstanding quality one would expect from South Africa’s favourite tea. Since Five Roses was first produced, only five known tea masters have been charged as custodians of this unique quality blend to ensure consistency and continuity, so that you can always trust, no one makes better tea than you and Five Roses.

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis.


52s, 102s