El Burro Mercado Organic Mixed Heirloom Corn Nacho Chips

El Burro

El Burro Mercado Organic Mixed Heirloom Corn Nacho Chips. We have sourced only the best single-source heirloom corn grown by small communities on the hills of Oaxaca, Mexico. These ancient grains have been grown for centuries using time-honoured techniques and traditions. The corn is completely natural, grown organically and is non-GMO. different colour varieties such as blue, pink, purple and black are sourced, depending on availability and season.




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El Burro Mercado:

El Burro Mercado is the offspring of El Burro restaurants, now bringing authentic Mexican flavours to the comfort of your home. Enjoy their delicious snacks made with certified organic corn and other more natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Mixed Heirloom Corn, Salt, Water, Sunflower Oil, Pickling Lime.

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