Eikelaan Farm Organic Baby Butternut

Eikelaan Farm

Eikelaan Farm Organic Baby Butternut. Organic produce grown with care, specifically picked and packed by local farmers who also support neighbouring communities.

Important info: This product is organic and grown with a lot of love. It may appear different to what you find in the supermarket. The shelf life may also differ, as this product is cultivated and harvested with no chemicals or preservatives. Expect a lot of natural flavour. Wash before use.




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Eikelaan Farm:
Eikelaan Farm is located in the historic and tranquil farming valley of Tulbagh. It offers amazing produce from a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit and other products. Lynette’s organic vegetables are highly sought after locally, as the demand for food grown without harmful chemicals is increasing rapidly. Lynette grows all her vegetables using organic methods. This starts with soil improvement, healthy soil equals healthy plants. Companion planting and the use of green manures also assist in growing healthy, nutritious plants which are naturally more resistant to disease.

Currently, the Eikelaan Farm has given their workers a section of land where they can grow their own produce. They then sell the excess back to the farm. Lynette also sources vegetables from workers on neighbouring farms and other valley locals who grow their produce organically. This creates much needed support for the community around them.

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