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Denny Mushroom Biltong


Denny Mushroom Biltong, a great meat alternative which is rich in essential proteins.

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Denny has been a Proudly South African, household name for over 40 years and is synonymous with fresh, quality mushrooms. Denny is the mushroom expert and we are passionate about what we do. We lovingly grow our mushrooms under perfect conditions on our three farms, bringing the goodness of mushrooms to all South Africans.

Denny is proud to present our new range of meat-alternative products, including delicious snacking options!

Our range includes our 100% Vegan-friendly Beef-Style Patties, Beef-Style Sausage as well as our Beef-Style Mince. All made with 60% mushrooms!

We also have two nutrient-dense snacks! Our Mushroom Crisps are made from real Shitake mushrooms and is packed with goodness and flavour. Our Mushroom Biltong is made from real mushrooms and is a fantastic source of protein!

Ingredients: Mushrooms, vinegar, worcester sauce (water vinegar, molasses, sugar. salt, spice oils, extracts, starch (maize), colourant (E150)), spice (flavouring, coriander, salt, sucrose, black pepper, flavour enhancers (E627, E631), colourant (E150), Preservative (E202).

Nutritional Information:
Energy 898KJ
Protein 17g
Carbohydrates 27g
of which total sugar 19.8g
Total fat 1.4g
of which saturated fat 0.1g
of which trans fat <0.1g
of which monosaturated fat 0.1g
of which polysaturated fat 0.4g
Cholesterol <0.9mg
Dietary Fibre 10.9g
Sodium 669mg

Weight 25.0 g