Darling Sweet Coffee Toffee

Darling Sweet

Darling Sweet Coffee Toffee.

Combining two energizing moments; enjoying a perfectly handcrafted Darling Sweet toffee and a masterfully blended cup of coffee. Darling Sweet’s Coffee Toffee creatively blends the rich full-bodied flavours of brewed coffee with the well-rounded sweetness of our famous toffee.




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Darling Sweet:
Darling Sweet toffees and caramels are handcrafted, our packaging is recycled paper, our cellophane is bio-degradable and we use only the best real local ingredients without any synthetic flavourants or colourants. We produce our toffees slowly, with all the love and care.

INGREDIENTS: Condensed milk (Full cream milk, Sugar), Glucose, Sugar, Butter (13%)(Cream, Water, Salt), Brewed coffee (Water, Coffee), Treacle, Coffee, Salt, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin).

ALLERGENS: Cow’s milk, Soya.

Certified Kosher & Halaal.

Single serving size: 1 piece (7,5g)
Per 100g Per single serving
Energy KJ/100g 1630 122.3
Calorie 390 29.3
Protein/100g 2.3 0.2
Carbohydrates/100g 65.1 4.9
Total sugar/100g 17.5 1.3
Added sugar 47.5 3.6
Fat/100g 12.9 1.0
Poly 2.6 0
Trans 0 0
Mono 1.4 0.1
Saturated 6.8 0.5
Sodium mg 113.7 8.5
DF/100g 0 0
Cholesterol 0 0
Calcium mg 84.5 6
Iron 0 0
Potassium 0 0
Vitamin D 0 0

Weight 150.0 g