Dalewood Fromage Wineland Camembert™ Mini

Dalewood Fromage

Dalewood Fromage Wineland Camembert™ Mini: South Africa’s original ready-to-eat full-cream Camembert (no chalky centre)! A small round of 100g with a smooth, consistent texture. This cheese doesn’t need to ripen. Always serve at room temperature.




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Dalewood Fromage:
Dalewood Fromage is an artisanal farmstead cheesery with the goal to handcraft. Situated in the Cape Winelands, it’s a passion-driven family business dedicated to producing quality cheese, from the ground up. An authentic Estate product produced from 100% Jersey milk from Dalewood Farm.

The herd spends each day on green pastures, and the focus is largely bio-dynamic – pastures are precisely managed without the utilisation of artificial fertilizers, weed-killers or insecticides. The cows never receive growth or milk-production hormones or any unnecessary antibiotics. “The meaning of Artisanal as it relates to food and drink refers to products that are made on a small scale, mostly by hand, that reflect the personality and passion of the maker, made with high-quality ingredients that can be traced back to the source and that reflect the nuances of the origin“.

All cheese is suitable for vegetarians and contains no preservatives, flavourants or colourants.

Wineland Camembert™100g: Preservative free. Suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients: Jersey milk, Cream, Salt, Non Animal Rennet, Selected Cheese Cultures

Weight 100.0 g