Cook ‘n Bake Non-Stick Spray


Cook ‘n Bake Non-Stick Spray, the convenient, economical, non-stick spray specially developed to ensure stick-free cooking, baking, braaing and grilling.

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300ml | 500ml

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Cook ‘n Bake

Cook ‘n Bake is an established brand synonymous with cooking & baking.

The Healthy Alternative used for Conventional and Microwave Cooking. Cook ’n Bake is a non-stick spray that allows for easy, clean and healthy cooking and baking. It contains a ‘non-gagging’ spray, no CFCs or sodium and is cholesterol-free and ozone friendly. Cook ’n Bake is endorsed by the Heart Foundation and Beth Din.

Ingredients: Propellant (butane/propane), vegetable oil (sunflower seed), Lecithin (soy).

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300ml, 500ml