Cape Fish Argentinian King Prawns

Cape Fish

Delicious whole king prawns – 12-16 portions.



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Cape Fish:
Cape Fish provides the freshest seafood with the highest standards, ethically sourced and packaged. We make it easy to bring the incredible flavour and health benefits of quality seafood to your dinner table.

Whole and gloriously delicious! Relish the welcoming taste of wild-caught prawns caught off the Argentinian coast. Our prawns are plump with a sweet flavour, perfect for mid-week dinners or seafood braais. Catch these delicious prawns online.

*Our Seafood is ethically sourced, adhering to regulations and standards set by relevant local fishing authorities.
**To ensure freshness, all of our seafood products are blast frozen when caught at sea.
***These are whole prawns that need to be deveined before cooking.

Weight 700.0 g