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Taking biltong to the next level. Treat yourself to some Wagyu Biltong Slices.

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Get your hands on our delicious Wagyu Biltong. Originating from Japan, Wagyu is known for its superior marbling, which are the fine veins of fat in the meat. Wagyu has a soft, silky texture and a caramelized buttery flavour due to this high level of marbling. Wagyu is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 due to its high level of marbling which is monounsaturated fats as found in wild salmon and olive oil.

Storage suggestions: Wagyu fats melt at room temperature. Keep in a cool place, such as your fridge. For the best eating experience, take out 30 min prior to serving.

Sourced from LA Farms:
LA Farms Wagyu cattle are certified and registered with the Wagyu Society of South Africa.

Ingredients: L.A. Farms Wagyu Beef, flavouring spice, coriander, salt, sucrose, black Pepper

Preservative: Potassium Sorbate

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Whole, Sliced


500g, 1000g, 150g, 250g