Buyfresh Fresh Free Range Peri Peri Chicken Sundowner Wings


Buyfresh Fresh Free Range Chicken with standout Peri Peri flavour.




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Buyfresh Fresh Free Range Chicken:
Our free-range chicken is characterized by its standout flavour. By using only traditional farming techniques, coupled with high welfare standards so that our birds are raised naturally, with succulent and deep flavour. Our free-range chickens are free from hormones and routine antibiotics.

The unique peri peri marinade is a crowd favourite and will please any guest. Try these out at your next cocktail party!

Ingredients of the sauce: Salt, Brown sugar, Starch (corn/tapioca), Paprika, Spices and herbs, Reconstituted dried garlic, Reconstituted dried onion, Black pepper, Coriander, Ginger, Parsley, Flavourings, Flavour enhancers, Anticaking agent.

Weight 490.0 g