We aren’t talking champagne, if that’s what you’re thinking. At Buyfresh.co.za, we love expanding what we can offer our customers by partnering with likeminded, local brands. Our latest addition to compliment all the tasty dishes you’ve been preparing with our products, is healthy drinks and we’ve partnered with the best in the beverage business.

Pura Soda

Basically traditional soda’s hotter, older cousin. PURA hits the same spot as a bubbly soda would without all the nasty chemicals and excessive, sugary side effects. Made from natural ingredients and flavours, PURA steers far away from colourants, preservatives and anything artificial.  Of all the sodas available in South Africa, PURA Soda has the least amount of added sugar. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment to a picnic brunch or a quick grab-and-go from the fridge, PURA hasn’t sacrificed taste in their quest to bring a range of five tasty, healthy drinks suitable for any occasion.

Bonkers about Booch?

Theonista ain’t the new kid on the block when it comes to the health craze that is Kombucha. The female-owned craft beverage company was the first to bring the healthy drink to Cape Town. Made with whole, organic ingredients in small batches with processes that rely on manual power over machines, Theonista is a handmade love labour which proves itself in the taste. The benefits of Kombucha for your gut, and overall health, are unmatchable and Theonista is as committed to health and wellness as they are to social and ecological impact.

Uber Flavour

Not your average iced tea, Uber Flavour brew bases its unique taste on the Japanese ideal of “umami;” Not too sweet, not too salty and neither sour nor bitter.

Using the best quality Rooibos Tea as the base for all their brews. Rooibos is packed full of antioxidants, minerals, magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron. Uber Flavour combines brewed rooibos tea with freshly squeezed juices and natural honey. With no chemicals or artificial ingredients, the result is a smooth and refreshing healthy cold drink. A delicious, natural and healthy alternative to the sugar laden, artificial iced teas we so often see on our shelves.

Mountain Falls

If you think water is going to back to basics you probably haven’t heard of Mountain Falls. Their water is the most naturally balanced mineral water in South Africa with a perfect pH7 and the right amounts of calcium and magnesium essential to a healthy diet. Mountain falls is classified as ‘mineral’ and not ‘spring’ water, a difference which makes the nutrition content of their water superior to most others. Mountain Falls is hand bottled at their estate on the slopes of the Klein River mountain range somewhere between Hermanus and Stanford. Their aim to cut back on plastic waste goes hand in hand with the BuyFresh eco-philosophy, so we’ve teamed up with them on their ZEROPET project to help make this concept a reality. ZEROPET is a Mountain Falls initiative to create a zero-pet footprint to help divert post-consumer recyclable PET from the environment and landfills. PET is widely recognised as a safe packaging option for a variety of food and drink products as it is shatterproof and 100% recyclable back into PET products.

At Buyfresh, we’re more than just meat, we want to create a platform where our customers have access to a variety of healthy food and healthy drinks. We love partnering with other local brands who are as committed to health and the environment as we are. To kick off the launch of our healthy drinks, Theonista are giving away free Kombucha to the first 200 orders placed this week! Stocked up already? Next week Uber Flavour will be giving out bottles of their brew so no one misses out on a chance to sample our new, healthy drink range.

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