This blueberry nutter smoothie bowl recipe looks amazing, and it tastes even better! It is packed with vitamins, protein and fats (the good kind). It’s really simple to make and takes very little time to prep’. The vibrant colour is given to it by the sweet berries, and the use of the frozen fruit to make the smoothie bowls is the best as this makes for a dreamy creamy texture. This tasty smoothie bowl is the perfect summertime breakfast or snack and will definitely soon become a staple. This recipe serves 1.




  1. First, peel and break the banana in half, placing them in a freezer bag (not touching, as this helps it blend well), put them in the freezer overnight along with the blueberries. 
  2. Next, prepare your smoothie by placing all the ingredients; blueberries, bananas, oat milk and almond butter, into a blender.
  3. Finally, blend until combined well, and has an almost melted ice cream-like consistency. Then pour the smoothie into a bowl, top it with the salted caramel bar.
  4. Serve and enjoy!


Add some extra blueberries and almond butter to top off your smoothie bowl. You can also mix up and add different snack and protein bars. Decorate and garnish it with some rolled oats.

That is how to make this delicious blueberry nutter smoothie bowl recipe from the comfort of your home.

Recipe by Kind But Good Food