In South Africa, many of our lives and habits have been completely changed due to the pandemic. Many people are a lot more cautious, preferring e-commerce over going to a store and making sure to work from home. These changes have resulted in some positive changes, one of which is the convenience of buying groceries online.

At buyfresh, we provide online groceries in Cape Town, and believe that you should make the change to ordering your grocery list online. Here are 5 benefits of online grocery shopping.

1. Buying groceries online saves time

Going to buy groceries online is one of the more time consuming errands. You need to drive to a shopping centre, find a parking spot, select your groceries, stand in line and then pay. Added to this, if one store doesn’t have something you need, you then have to go find it at another grocery shop (and repeat the entire process).

When shopping online you only have to select your groceries and pay for them. Finding items is also faster and easier thanks to the handy search functions, which save a whole lot of time compared to hunting in poorly labelled aisles for a specific item at the supermarket.

Adding to this time saving is that when you’re shopping online you can select your groceries at any time. You do not have to rush to make it to the shops before they close or get there early enough before they are too busy. You can shop on your own time, on your own terms.

Add up all of that time, and the difference is massive. You’ll find you now have the freedom to make time to exercise, spend more time with your family, work on projects you have been procrastinating, read, and much more.

2. Ordering online groceries can be safer

A sad reality of the current global climate is that going to the shops in person is more risky than it should be. As COVID-19 is now a risk of modern day life.

When you shop from home, you avoid interacting with other shoppers and staff in what is usually a badly ventilated space. You also avoid some of the worst points of transmission such as handling cash, and touching the card machine. All factors that increase the risk of the spread of a virus such as COVID-19.

By ordering your groceries online you are protecting yourself and minimising unnecessary risks, while helping make sure that you have a positive impact on the spread of the virus.



3. Buying groceries online can help you save money

Saving time is a big factor in helping save money but time is only one of the multiple ways you can save money through buying groceries online.

When you order your groceries online, you are not driving to the shops, which helps you save on fuel as well as the wear and tear on your vehicle. Furthermore, it’s common to get free delivery when you order over a certain amount.

You also save by not having to pay for parking – this one really adds up if you have to visit multiple stores at different shopping centres!

A cost that you might often miss in your grocery budget are the pesky treats that you buy when waiting in line. When you buy groceries online, it is much easier to avoid those costs because there is no line and shelf packed with sugary temptation.

One of the most helpful ways that buying groceries online helps is how easy it is to track how much you are spending. When you go to the shops with a grocery list, as you tick off each item you see their individual prices but when doing the maths to calculate how much all of your groceries will cost at the till is near impossible. Often you may end up at the till paying far more than you expected. When buying online as you add items to your cart the total price is automatically calculated showing you exactly how much you are going to spend. This can help you greatly when trying to stick to a budget.

Selection of online groceries

4. You can buy in bulk more easily when ordering groceries online

Bulk buying can be a great way to save money on items that keep or items that you go through quickly. When shopping at the supermarket the issues with bulk buying can range from insufficient stock through to physically not being able to carry all your groceries home.

You can avoid all of the hassle by buying in bulk online and having it conveniently delivered to your door!

Empty grocery shop shelves

5. Ordering groceries online will help you avoid making multiple trips

One of the more frustrating parts of grocery shopping is when you forget something (or an item is out of stock), and then have to find time to get back to the supermarket. When buying online you can take your time, and make sure you have everything you need (or check to make sure you aren’t buying double!). 

Even then, if you still forget something, it is far quicker to order it again online than to travel all the way back to the shops.

Multiple trips can also happen when you need to buy an amount of groceries that you can’t fit in one go or when certain groceries can only be bought from certain stores. When you are shopping online you can have access to every store with all of your needs from your phone.

If you shop at buyfresh, we provide just about everything you need in one place!

Why you should order groceries online from buyfresh

Now that you know all the benefits of buying groceries online, here is why you should be using buyfresh to order your groceries in Cape Town:

We have a large variety of groceries for various diets, from vegan to gluten free with fresh produce, meats, and pantry items. The smart filters on our site allow you to customise your shopping according to your lifestyle and dietary needs. This means that if you only want to eat grass fed meat, or if you only want to see halaal items, you can. All of these items come with quality that you won’t find in the supermarket. 

We deliver using eco-friendly packaging and go to great lengths to ensure a superior cold chain keeping your products fresher for longer. Additionally, if your order is over R600 we provide free delivery. Our 25 years of experience in fresh produce ensures that you get great quality guaranteed! 

Lastly, we have partnered with FoodForward SA to provide for those in need. For every order placed on our website we donate a meal to feed someone in need of food. When using buyfresh you can be certain that you are getting the highest quality groceries, while helping someone in need. 

Check out our specials page and order your groceries online in Cape Town from buyfresh today!