Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos Raspberry

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Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos Raspberry.

Just fruit and absolutely nothing else. The Raspberry Bear Yoyos are a delicious kiddie snack (grown-ups love them too!) made with only whole fresh raspberries. No concentrates are ever used either! These delicious fruit roll-ups are perfect for lunchboxes and after supper snacking. Once your kiddies go Bear Yoyos there’s no saying no no!




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Bear’s goal is to make eating healthily a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier, because life’s too short to chew cardboard. Bear are fabulous little treats made from pure fruit. That’s it. Nothing else. No concentrates, no preservatives, no added sugar, no gumming or gelling agents. They slow bake seasonal ingredients at low temperatures (<42°C) to preserve the natural goodness. Treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious fruit snacks with Bear Yoyo and Paws.


Nutritional Information:
Energy (kJ): 112
Protein (g): 0,2
Carbohydrate (g): 6
of which Total Sugars* (g): 4
Total Fat (g): 0
of which Saturated Fat (g): 0
Cholesterol (mg): 0
Fibre (g): 1
Salt (g): 0

Production Information:
• A healthy, chewy fruit snack for toddlers & kids
• Suitable for 12 months & up
• Made from real fruit & veggies (never from concentrates)
• Fruits & veggies are seasonally picked & baked at low temperatures
• Wheat-free, gluten-free
• Vegan-friendly, no gelatine
• Source of fibre
• No added sugar
• Counts as one of your child’s “five a day”
• No artificial colours or flavours

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