Arla Danish White Feta Cheese


Arla Danish White Feta Cheese is a creamy and delicious feta, perfect to finish off a world-class salad.




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Our philosophy of producing natural, healthy, and high-quality dairy products dates back to the 1880s when dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: To produce and provide the best dairy products.
Because we are farmer-owned, all of our earnings go back to our farmer-owners. This means that when people buy our products the money is split equally between each litre of milk that our owners supply. That’s also a key part of our cooperative philosophy.

Ingredients: Milk, palm oil, salt, acidity regulator (glucono-delta-lactone [E575]), rennet (microbial).

Allergens: Milk.

Nutritional information:
Per 100g
Energy 1335kj 321kcal
Fat 24g
of which saturated 15g
Carbohydrates 0.5g
of which sugars 0.5g
Proteins 25g
Salt 1.7g

Weight 500.0 g