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Have you ever found yourself enjoying those juicy lamb chops at a restaurant with both hands and cheeks smothered in sauce? Have you forgotten the chopsticks when it comes to dunking your seared tuna in the soy sauce? Don’t even get me started on cracking open the prawn shells at a seafood braai…

Ever since I could remember, I would stand next to my dad and business partner, Gene, while he cooked and braaied for family and friends. I would watch at how he would carefully time each different cut of meat before flipping it over to cook it evenly on each side. As the on-duty bartender for these evenings, I would politely go around the room to our guests and offer them drinks and refills. During these interactions, our guests would often make comments of how they always looked forward to coming over to our house and have my dad cook for them, such was the delight that his food brought.

For some context, my dad has been supplying Cape Town’s top restaurants with meat and poultry products for the last 25 years. In the past it had never really occurred to me how much of a difference it makes choosing high quality ingredients to cook with. Fast forward a couple years, it became apparent at braais, when I noticed the lamb chops or steak that I brought were the first to go (often before I could even get my hands on any), while the run-of-the-mill supermarket cuts were always left for last. It was during that moment that a spark went off and the idea for Buyfresh.co.za was born.

Our mission at Buyfresh is simple. We want to connect good people with the best food. Our long-term goal is to create more transparency in the supply chain, by working closely with farmers, fishermen and small-scale processors to ensure the love and care that goes into raising livestock or catching fish, is carried through to the plate that you will be serving to family and friends.

We know shopping online, especially for fresh produce, can be daunting. We are here to give you comfort that we will always hand-select the perfect product for you with every order. On the rare occasion that something isn’t perfect, we will go the extra mile to ensure we rectify any issues that may crop up from time-to-time. With the grocery shopping in the bag, it will free up your time to do more of the things you love.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and with a unique high touch service that you cannot find anywhere else. Through learning and listening carefully to our customers, we have been able to improve our processes and products, which ultimately has allowed us to continually improve our online shopping experience.

Fresh produce shopping made easy with Buyfresh.co.za.

Not to give away too many secrets, but we have some exciting projects in store for you in the coming weeks. One of these many projects include our own innovative home delivery packaging that we have designed. This packaging will allow us to deliver our products further in the Western Cape, as well as to help maintain the quality and temperature of our products many hours after the delivery has taken place. This will work especially well for people on-the-go and professionals who would like to order to their offices, but do not have refrigeration. In addition, we are finalizing a new partnership with a logistics provider that will help us create an “Uber’esque” delivery experience for our customers’ convenience. Exciting times ahead!

I invite you to join us on our journey. Let’s strive to provide quality food to loved ones, eat better and live healthier. Thank you to all our loyal customers for your ongoing support, it means the world to us. Let’s tackle this year head on together.

Yours Sincerely,
Asher (Founder, Buyfresh.co.za)

PS: I was invited onto Kieno Kammies Breakfast Show on CapeTalk yesterday, click the link to listen to our Conversation.


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